Board Game Framework

Spring 2006

This object-oriented programming project is a framework for two-player 8x8 board games. Included games are chess, checkers, and othello. Gameplay is network based (server-client model) and players are matched on the game they wish to play. This was the term-long project for CSE219, Computer Programming III, under Professor Richard McKenna of Stony Brook University.

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Design Diagram (UML)
Running the Code
Code Documentation (Javadoc)

Design Diagram (UML)

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uml design


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Running the code

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The plugin portion requires access to the framework code. Either the jar or the java files for the framework will do. The jar file is also a standalone server.

  1. Run the server (Sonic219FwServer).
  2. Run the client (Sonic219PgClient).
  3. Select "localhost" for server selection.
  4. Select "Existing Account". The user name is "sonic" and the password is "pass".
  5. Choose a game.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for additional clients. Same gametypes will be matched up and games will automicatically begin.

Known issues:

Code Documentation (Javadoc)

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