University Grant System

Spring 2008

This team based web application project manages records of university grants and their users. Users can add and edit grant records, edit their own profiles, and view others' grants and profiles depending on their permissions level. The project involved object-oriented programming using beans and persistence database storage. This was a term long group project, completed with Lazlo Ring, for CSE308, Software Engineering, under Professor Rob Kelly of Stony Brook University.

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Page Flow Diagram
Class Diagram (UML)
List of Use Cases
Running the Code

Page Flow Diagram

page flow diagram

Class Diagram (UML)

Mouseover the drawing for a zoomed view | Download full size

class diagram


image image image image image image image image image image image image image

List of Use Cases

Sys/Dept Admin approve newly created account
Sys/Dept Admin locks/unlocks account
Sys/Dept Admin approves newly created project
Sys/Dept Admin can edit project information on any project

User requests account creation
User logs in
User logs out
User edits own profile info
User views another user's profile
User changes password
User searches for another user's profile by department
User searches for a project by status
User views project information

Professor requests project creation
Professor views own project information
Professor edits own project information

Running the code

Click here to download the code

There are two folders. UGRANT2 is a Netbeans project and should loaded as such. It requires Glassfish. finaltest08 is the database file. It should be stored in the Netbeans derby folder. On Windows 7 [and Vista] this is located in "C:\Users\USERNAME\.netbeans-derby".

Known issues: